Patient Support Materials Branding Update

RTS materials have a new design! In response to feedback from customers, we have removed the Gundersen Health System logo from all patient support materials. We understand and support the need for healthcare organizations to promote their own branding in their service areas. We also recognize that branding from another healthcare organization could be confusing to patient populations.

In order to create a more sensitive experience for the bereaved, we have also moved the RTS logo from the cover to the back page on many items. Because we recognize how important this content can be for those grieving a devastating loss, we are always looking for ways to make our materials more accessible.

Please note that the Gundersen Health System logo will remain on all training materials, because RTS bereavement training is a program of Gundersen Medical Foundation and is intended for a professional audience. The Gundersen Medical Foundation copyright is required on all printed materials—patient support and training.